Chicago Day 2

Day 2, if possible, was an even more whirlwind of activity if that’s possible. Kay and I, curled up on the hotel suite floor, were awoken at some insane hour by Jay. Apparently he was starving and had to go find food. When he returned he let it slip – he’d gone to McDonald’s. Kay, ever the foodie, nearly had a breakdown and proceeded to make fun of him for hours for this transgression.

We had to say goodbye to Grace this morning as well. I was really sad to see her go. The moment she woke up, half dazed, she asked “Where’s the Brit?” and then, seconds later, with increasing puzzlement, “Why the hell are you two sleeping on the floor?” She was just an absolute joy to be around. She lives life for every second and her upbeat personality makes it impossible to stay tired or grumpy for any length of time. She’s just a gem of a person and I hope to get to see her again in the future sometime.

After our goodbyes to her, Kay was kind enough to take me on a Starbucks run. It wasn’t a good Mocha by any means but after having been without for so long I was ecstatic. We did a bit more walking around, seeing a few sites as we headed back to the hotel for the CBS interview.

Vertigo anyone?

We waited and waited and…waited. Jay was starving again and finally put his foot down that if they didn’t show up he was calling the whole thing off. Kay called them, passed along the word, and they arrived within 15 minutes. We managed to fake busy-ness and then Jay and I retreated to the hall where we could listen to Kay do the on-camera interview but stay out of the scene. She was stellar and it just served as a reminder what an amazing person she is. I’ve seen her change a lot over the years but never moreso than in the past six months. She’s taking life her life by the reins and just watching her come alive again has been wonderful. No matter how we met, she truly is my best friend in the world and I’m so glad to be a part of her life. Sappiness complete.

Interview over, it was time to feed Jay and what better way than a Chicago tradition? Deep dish pizza it is. We walked to Gino’s which I’d never heard of but it is now on my “have to go again” list…everything about it was perfect for me. Graffiti all over the walls (yes, I left my own mark there), wooden booths, and the most fabulous pizza I’ve ever had in my life.

We did some more obligatory site seeing in the afternoon and, sadly, I can’t remember much of it. It’s all just mushy in my brain as to when we went where. For dinner, Kay and I decided to surprise Jay with a steak dinner. It was a fancier restaurant than we expected but they were super friendly and never made us feel out of place. I got distracted by a cow on display (weird to see at a steakhouse) and picked up a “book” that turned out to be a wine list.

Playing with the infamous cow at the steakhouse

Not being a wine drinker, Kay and I decided Jay should experience grappa. Let’s just say I don’t think he’ll be doing it again soon. He made all sorts of amusing noises at the dinner table. The best part was the waiter who knew EXACTLY what we were up to and kept making comments like “I’ll keep the flames away” every time he passed by our table which helped egg Jay on. What Jay missed was watching the wait staff congregate along the wall to peer at him when he took his first sip. You can’t make up memories like that 😀


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