Chicago Day 3

Day 3 was the first day where we thought we would have no HPFF duties. We were quickly proved wrong as emails back and forth between us and CNN began in earnest. Thankfully, this lady was more on her game than the CBS crew. We actually managed to fit quite a bit of sight-seeing in at a pretty leisurely pace. Of course, it stemmed upon Jay and I getting ourselves lost in Chicago. We ended up in some not so savory neighborhoods which, of course, had me giddy with adventure. Jay? Not so much.

We took a rest at one of the larger parks where a friendly homeless man gave us quite a speech on pointers for romance in the park. As we just relaxed under a tree, our attention kept being drawn to this big shiny silver thing a little ways away. It was a horrible eyesore, honestly, but people were flocking to it like it was magnetic. We decided to investigate and found out it was some famous sculpture called “The Bean.” Suitable unimpressed we snapped a photo, walked underneath hopping for some great karma infused event. Receiving none, we shrugged at each other and kept walking.

This was also the day for our police adventure. While I can not divulge details, it ended up with two policemen arguing over who got to pose for pictures with me. The super tall giant of a man won, if t matters. We managed to fit in another classic Chicago meal – italian beef. And might I just say this makes the list of the most disgusting things I’ve put in my mouth. No, really, it’s not wise to ask what else is on that list. We don’t know each other well enough for that yet.

My last evening in Chicago ended where it had started: Navy Pier. A last ditch attempt to ride the ferris wheel proved fruitless (missed by ten minutes) but led to Jay getting a tattoo that caused onlookers to gawk like crazy, and I saw the biggest rat I’ve ever seen in my life. Terrifying looking creature, I tell you. Thankfully, the rat was forgotten by a wonderful night view of the Chicago skyline.


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