Chicago Day 4

The final day in Chicago wasn’t the whirlwind you might expect. Rather than rush around trying to fit in anything we could, we decided to take our time. We grabbed a late checkout from the accommodating hotel so we could wrap up the CNN interview. Then we checked our bags and headed for the Sky Ledge. A must on my list (like the elusive ferris wheel) we actually managed this one. The line wasn’t as long as we’d been warned about but they packed us like sardines into the elevator. My issues with crowds surfaced and I had to hide in the far back corner of the elevator so as to not completely flip out. As expected, the views were stunning from the Sears Tower (or whatever they have renamed it to).

The highlight, though, was stepping out on the sky ledge – the glass enclosed box located outside the tower. While we waited our turn I asked Jay if he was afraid of heights and he assured me that he wasn’t. Reminded me of his flying planes and such. When our turn came, though, he put on foot on the glass and then promptly backed away. And he wasn’t the only one – there were so many people that wouldn’t go near the glass floor of the box. People cried, children screamed…I started jumping up and down and sank down to sit on it so we could capture a picture.

We really didn’t have time for anything else so we grabbed out bags from the hotel and grabbed a taxi for the hour drive to the airport. After that is was a mess of checking bags, losing things, fighting with security over a snow globe and saying goodbye.


Well, not EXACTLY goodbye because Kay, Jay and I are already planning our next adventure!


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