How do you ramble?

I ramble when I talk, ramble when I write and now will ramble through photography.  This year has been sort of a “rebirth” for me as I decided to finally stop just talking about doing things and, instead, grab some courage and actually DO things.  Sometimes scary, sometimes boring, but always something new.

Writing wise, I’ve been hit or miss over the past two years.  I’ve had moments of clarity where I can write for hours on end and then times when I’ll go six months without ever putting an idea down on paper. It’s disheartening when you have so many stories inside you and just can’t find a way to get them on the page.  Hopefully, even writing a blog will help spur on the writing process for me.

Travel wise this has and will continue to be a great year.  I’ve traveled to places around my hometown which may seem boring but has opened my eyes to the beauty that exists so close to me.  Even in the forest jungle that is my back yard!  It’s also allowed me more time with the kids and got us all out of the house rather than having them sit in front of the computer screen.  I’ve gone to Chicago, am headed to New York and already have plans for future trips on into the spring of 2012.

I’ve always had an interest in photography.  My big brother has been taking photos since he was a kid and is an amazing action photographer now.  He’s tried on numerous occasions to teach me things but, frankly, he is just too far above my head in skills for it to make sense to me.  I needed something more “point and shoot” friendly because of my travels and found it in a book called Better Photo Basics by Jim Miotke.  This guy rambles at my own beginner level.  Due to an unfortunate incident of a chubby man on an Amtrak train during the Chicago trip, my favorite little camera bit the dust.  It did give me an excuse to upgrade a bit so now I have a Sony DSC-HX9V to play with. Frankly, I’ve had it less than 24 hours and the buttons are already terrifying the shit out of me.  But, here’s to courage and trying something new.


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