First Shots

So my fancy pants new point and shoot arrived a few days ago.  Life’s been a bear and I haven’t had time to properly test it out yet.  But like a kid at Christmas, I couldn’t resist walking out into the back yard and snapping a few shots just to see what this baby could do.

No flowers to practice on with the drought so I tested the auto features on a pinecone instead

I chased this critter around with the sports action function. He was super fast!

Hello, Mr. Frog. Can I take your picture please?


Success! Froggy eyes and lots of spots all crystal clear!


For interest, the camera is a Sony DSC-HX9V.  And, no, I don’t have a clue what all those little numbers and letters signify but it seems to be a great all around option for those not wanting to lug around a DSLR but wanting more than just a standard point and shoot.  You can get more info on it here .

Now I’ve got five weeks to learn how to use all those buttons and fancy settings before I hit the road for New York. Wish me luck!


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