Never Judge a book by its cover

While that old adage may hold true for the content of the book, I’ve found just perusing through book covers can be a nice diversionary tactic from reality.  Sometimes you can guess right away what the book will be about and other times the story will prove more elusive.  Here’s some of the more interesting book covers I’ve come across in my last week of reading:

The Lantern by Deborah Lawrenson.  Evocative cover reminiscent of The Forgotten Garden. The ARC book itself came wrapped in a beautiful package with quotes from the book and its reviewers.

22 Brittania Road by Amanda Hodgkinson.  A step away from the famous New York kissing scene after the war, it brings to mind tragic romance until you look more closely and realize that it’s a child being kissed which makes the cover that much more heartbreaking.

Take Me There by Carolee Dee.  Young love…restless and unstoppable despite the danger signs.

Twelve by Jasper Kent.  Creepy and dark, the cover brings to mind war ravaged cities but that’s not what the back jacket describes!

As always, ratings and/or reviews are available on my goodreads page (link at right) if any of the covers pique your interest!


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