Travel Journals


I am in the market for a new travel journal(s) for some upcoming trips.  Detesting shopping and being extremely picky about what I write in is making this a chore.  Okay, I’m not exactly picky about what I write in.  I’ll write on scraps of paper, receipts and 20 cent spiral notebooks bought in bulk.  But when I consider traveling, I want something special…something lasting.The problem is there are thousands of options and I really don’t have the patience for this shopping crap even if I do it online.  There are moleskines (detest), moleskine knock offs (some are fabulous), ones that are organizers and planners plus journals and then specific city ones.  It makes my head spin.

Above is the Abroad Travel Organizer and Journal.  I’ve actually got one of these flying its way to me.  I went to a dozen bookstores and no one carried it and the online previews of it are extremely limited so I’m a bit leery that it will be what I want.  On the good side, it has a place to plan your trip, organize it, sample itineraries and travel tidbits.  I’m afraid it won’t have enough journaling room for my tastes, though.  We’ll see when it arrives


Detesting moleskines, I ruled out all their city specific journals but they do offer them for almost every single city on my Europe trip.  I don’t think carry around a dozen journals would make me a happy camper, though.  I am considering the City Notes New York journal, though.  Again, online previews of it are scarce and it’s difficult to locate in stores.  But for a quick weekend in NY it might be just perfect.

Then, of course, there are the thousands of generic ones available at any given bookstore, chain or even grocery store.  Some are worthy of a look and withstand fountain pen ink surprisingly well.  They range from Hello Kitty to rugged leather ones with nostalgic ties that bring old world explorers to mind.  At alone you end up with 459,000+ choices.  That hurts my brain.


Lastly, there is the ultimate dream journal.  One of those things that I lust after but would never in my life be able to justify the expense of.  Coveted for years, it’s one of those things that people in writing circles dream of owning…an Oberon cover.  Not a journal per se, it is the ultimate cover EVER and is refillable to your hearts content. Oberon covers are handmade leather covers in a variety of styles and colors (they also make covers for about anything from Kindles to cell phones).  They introduced moleskine covers awhile back which have a slimmer profile that their original journal covers.  My ultimate dream journal would be the Oberon Medici in Chocolate which I, naturally, would swap out the moleskine for a similarly sized but fountain pen friendly journal such as Rhodia or even hand book.



*drools*  Okay. Maybe I’ll just stick with my 20 cent spiral Open-mouthed smile


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