Frankly, Scarlett


Although it’s popular all over the world, in no place does Gone with the Wind instill more devotion than in the American south.  Fiery Scarlett matching up against rebel lover Rhett…it’s become legend of its own.  Filmed in the 1930’s the movie version of Margaret Mitchell’s classic has been restored dozens and dozens of times.  And while it can be restored on film there is one thing that can’t be done: recreate any of the scenes.  All of the movie locations have been destroyed over the years save one: the Old Mill. 


Seen for minutes at the beginning of the film as the credits roll, the Old Mill is the first introduction anyone ever gets to the world of Gone with the Wind.  What most people don’t realize (including those that call the state home) is that the Old Mill is actually located in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  Mere miles from a shopping mall and nestled within a residential neighborhood, the Mill has been loving cared for throughout all this time.  On our way to the zoo, I was able to convince the kids to let me stop by the Mill for some photography.  One Better Photo assignment is on seasons and I thought it would be the perfect place to capture the changing of seasons (blog entry later on that assignment).  I ended up taking more than planned because the area was just so picturesque. 



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