Hello Teenager


My oldest son turned the frightening age of 13 today.  He is the ultimate foodie (thanks, Auntie Kay!) and a few years ago decided his plan for growing up: get a business degree from college and then go to culinary school so he can open his own restaurant.  He even has a name picked out for it – The Ragdoll Café.   So to start our celebration, I spent most of the night last night cooking up special dishes for him.  He, of course, couldn’t help but join in and helped along the way.


We ended up making three dishes for a early morning start (we were headed to the zoo and that gets an entry of its own).  The first was a blend of southern and British food…I blame this on Jay’s influence.  We made what we are calling “Farmhouse Scones” because most of the ingredients were fresh straight from local farms and butchers.  Unfortunately, I only have a pic of the ingredients gathered up…the final result was posted up on twitter if you are interested.




And yes, it took some local wine for me to make it through the late night cooking session!  We also made a Chicken Asiago Quiche which may not look very pretty but was soooo tasty!



The final treat was mini cinnamon rolls.  We made them with the intent to warm them up for breakfast the next morning and eat them on the way out the door.  Sadly, the long night of cooking required some sugar rush and before we knew it TBN had appeared and gobbled half of them down.  By morning, only 3 were left Sad smile  


On top of their yumminess?  Added bonus that they photographed super yummy as well!!





Next, we were off to the zoo with one quick stop (okay, two I HAD to have a Starbucks) to a historical site from the silver screen for some early morning photography assignments.


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