Never Judge a book by its cover

This week’s collection of book covers!

The Whole Story of Half a Girl by Veera Hiranandani.  Love the ripped jeans, converse, travel theme going on with the cover.  While changes do exist for the main character, the book jacket seems to indicate this is more an internal journey than an outward one.

The Poisoned House by Michael Ford.  A classy take on the dark doom and gloom cover.  The old knob indicates some history and the weathered door reminds me of year after year of weathered storms.   And there’s always the ‘what happens behind closed doors’ theme going.

The Beginning of After by Jennifer Castle.  This cover is just realistically gorgeous.  Barefoot, setting sun on a teen girl with the faraway look.  Realism at its best right down to the tendrils of hair blowing in her face and obscuring her view.


As always, ratings and/or reviews are available on my goodreads page (link at right) if any of the covers pique your interest!


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