Never Judge a Book by its cover


This week’s cover collection!  Going with a black and white theme this time around which can be hard to pull off but these turned out pretty impressive.


Past Imperfect by Julian Fellowes I appreciate that they used an actual photo for this one as opposed to the b&w graphics that most others chose.  Because the picture is so crystal clear and defined it worked really well to grab a reader’s attention without the use of color.


Animal Farm by George Orwell  Good use of accent coloring to grab a reader’s attention.  Not a fan of this book but can appreciate the merit of this cover.

Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams  LOVE this cover.  At first looks it just looks like a child’s scribble (which fits the story) but with closer observations you start to discern the shapes of the animals within the scribbling. 

Blame by Michelle Huneven Didn’t enjoy this book at all but the cover does draw you in.  With a lime green accented title and no other color on the cover, it gets attention for the shattered glass.  There are other elements of the story on the cover but I won’t pass those along as a spoiler since it’s a relatively new book.



The Reader by Bernard Schlink which is a stand alone in the cover group because it went the opposite direction with a cover mostly of white.  It’s a poignant cover that immediately draws your attention to the center photograph which is a nice change from the more subtle black covers.


Likewise, the final cover a poetry collection by Russian poet Polina Barskova  entitled The Zoo in Winter draws attention to it’s stamped in the snow title work.  Love, love this cover for its simplicity.





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