So long Prairie Dog

Back in the 80’s I watched this television show called “The Young Riders”.  It was a fun show that followed the lives of some pony express riders.  Random note: in high school I drove cross-country following the pony express route from it’s start in St Joe to its end terminus in Sacramento.  In one episode an old friend of the father type figure dies and his nickname was Prairie Dog.  The ending scene of that episode has the old man standing out on the prairie, hearing a wolf howl and he says to the wind: “So long, Prairie Dog.”


That really has nothing to do with this post except I know think of it anytime anyone mentions prairie dogs.   While at the Little Rock  zoo, we came across a prairie dog habitat.  I could have spent all day there, I think.  These little critters happily posed and every picture I took seemed like a winning one without any effort at all.  They were just such wonderfully fun and social creatures. I loved taking photos of them.


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