A Vibrant Life

Recently, some called me “vibrant”.  Now, in my writer’s head that personality is a color.  Sometimes people are red, for example, or blue or even green.  Me? I’m brown, earthy even – there under your feet with such consistency that you could easily forget I exist.  I would love to be vibrant but I just don’t really think that’s an accurate description of me.  Though it is, perhaps, a perfect word for my life.

You wouldn’t know it (unless you are a handful of my closest friends) but I live a pretty adventurous life.  And I don’t mean the climbing Everest, trekking Antartica type of temporary adventure (although, how cool would that be??) but that my daily life is full of unexpected twists and turns that no normal person would ever care to have.  Part of this is just kismet but the other part is undoubtedly my own doing: I try and embrace what comes my way.  I may be “reserved” or perhaps even a “wall flower” but I get in most of my adventures because I speak up when I shouldn’t or I take a risk when most people wouldn’t.   Carpe diem and all that.  I’ve long held that I lead a normal, boring life (and argue about this when its story time at HPFF) but a recent trip made me realize that my life may not be as mundane as I was believed.

Last weekend, I took the boys camping for their birthdays.  It promised to be a bright, almost fall day and we intended to camp, hike, swim and do a tree climbing course.  For us outdoorsy types it was a mild plan of events.  And then things happened.

First it was the rain.  Storming, lightning, crazy blows sideways rain.  Middle of the night rain when I am snug in my tent and the boys are snug in theirs with Gracie pup.  Absolute darkness and I’m bombarded with two little boys laden with wet sleeping bags and other miscellaneous gear from their tent and a terrified Gracie pup…all soaking wet, all laughing like this is the funniest thing ever.  Most people would be annoyed or upset or at least frustrated but I was laughing right along with them and reminding them to check their privates for leeches (longer, funnier but not blogging about story there).

Then it was the wild hogs.  Feral hogs invaded the camp. The forest ranger told us that hogs never ever visit the campsites. It’s just unheard of.  My kids looked at her, shook their head, and stated very matter-of-factly “You haven’t camped with our mom.”


The next morning was a mess of cleaning up after the hogs and surveying the damage.  While my Sirius tent (yes, that’s its name) survived unscathed even with all the added tenants the other tent was a goner.  We ended up just throwing it away at the camp.



Of course, because of the storm there would be no tree climbing. But everyone was okay with that and we decided to head to our favorite spot on the river.  But not before one last “vibrant” vision was made.  I had done well to ignore all internet chatter (rare for me) and then I got a message that the site was down yet again.  I’d spent hours with Jay already that week trying to sort out things and my kids weren’t exactly happy about this newest intrusion.  So… to HPFF they sent their most vibrant vision yet:



Yes, we were in public.  Yes, we were right in view of a road.  Yes, they broke several laws in several states.  But yes, I’ve never been so proud to know that my boys have learned to live a vibrant, adventurous, never miss a moment, life.


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