Better Photo Basics: Lesson 4

One of Miotke’s lessons is about learning how to trail lights. He discusses the differences in shutter speed to purposefully create the blur that we normally would try to avoid.  I’ve got to be honest: this was super super fun to play with.  He specifically talks about cars but considering I live in a small, rural area that wasn’t going to happen.  What we DID have, however, was the local county fair with all those rides that have probably been working since before I was born.  I’m actually pretty proud of how they turned out.  Maybe I can put what I learned to use during my upcoming trip to New York!


I actually found (after reading his book on the different types of settings on most point and shoots) that by using the fireworks setting I was able to take these without any additional tinkering with the manual settings.  More shots can be seen through my Flickr feed linked at right.


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