Ink Review: Noodler’s Blue Nose Bear


You can search a long time for the mythical “perfect three” and it’s a quest most fountain pen users spend years on.  Finding the perfect pen with the perfect ink on the perfect paper is one of those things that rarely happens.  By mere chance, I finally found mine and, oddly enough, it’s blue.  I really don’t like blue as a color and really despise it as an ink.  But when I caught the name of this ink prior to its release, I knew I had to get my hands on it. 


Pen: My beloved Sailor

Ink: Noodler’s Blue Nose Bear

Paper: G. Lalo ivory 100g and Rhodia Webbie, unlined 90g


First off, this ink is REALLY hard to photograph.  It changes color on paper from dark inky blue to turquoise so in trying to photograph it you end up with several different colors depending not only on the light but the way the ink chose to dry at that particular moment in time.



In the swab you can see it turns out on the lighter end, almost a teal color.  I would hate it if it turned out teal when I wrote in my journal!  To the right you get what looks more like a standard, nothing special blue.  (Photo taken on G. Lalo)

I used this ink exclusively on my recent trip to New York and what a difference the paper makes!  In my journal, it’s a gorgeous grey blue, softer more elegant than any other blue I’ve come across.  More like the color of a lake in the shade than anything else really.



Feathering is not existent with the Rhodia paper/ink/pen combination.  Makes it great for tiny spaces if you happen to have cramped handwriting:



The ink behaved well when looking at bleed and show through.  It didn’t bleed through on either paper but it does have show through on both.  As expected, it shows through more on the lighter Rhodia than it does on the G. Lalo.    (Top is G. Lalo, bottom Rhodia)



This ink has become my go-to ink.  My Sailor is constantly filled with this one and it’s the first one I reach for when journaling.  I sometimes mix up colors for my letter writing to just have something different but this ink will still be my top choice when I’m looking for an elegant and yet not pretentious color.


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