NYC: Day 1

I actually spent more time traveling on Day 1 than I did anything else.  It wasn’t a particularly early flight but due to heightened security for the weekend of 9/11, I was told to be at the airport three hours early.  Yeah… that,um, didn’t happen.  But I did make my flight.  During the flight we were told to look out our window to see the Grand Canyon.  How we got from Little Rock to the Grand Canyon on our way to New York was confusing many of us but that’s the friendly folks at Southwest for you.  Speaking of Southwest!  I had disowned them years ago when they stopped giving out peanuts. I don’t even LIKE the peanuts actually but it’s the principle of the matter. Low and behold, the peanuts have made a return.  I can now be friends with them again 😀

After dropping my stuff off, it was time to search out food and visit Times Square.  My first experience with New York’s famous pizza?  Nasty.  Just gross.  Thankfully, though, I didn’t let that ruin me and I did eventually find the best pizza of my life (but more on that later).

Times Square was madness.  Everyone was pushy and loud (as expected) and it didn’t stink like everyone had warned me about.  That was a nice surprise 😛  I actually only went into two stores – Toys r Us and the M&M store.  I don’t really like M&M’s even (I’ll only eat the peanut ones!) but it seemed a bright and cheery place to be.

While rambling around the area (why is it called a Square, btw?) I happened upon what would become my favorite place in Times Square.  Right in the middle of the madness was a Starbucks. It became the defacto meeting spot for the entire weekend.

And there were the nicest little red tables scattered about…once you fought to get one, you were golden and people left you alone for the most part.  Worn out and exhausted, I headed off to bed.  Not too exciting for a first day but I was honestly so beat down from the travel that I could barely stand up and needed some rest to make it through the rest of the weekend.

Oh! Almost forgot:  Harry had to make his entrance on the very first night as well!


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