NYC: Sightseeing Day 2

The morning of day 2 was all about sightseeing. A whirlwind tour, in fact. There weren’t many things on my “must see” list of New York and, honestly, most were easily seen just walking about the town. 




Heading off to Build a Bear to get Unity (a whole separate blog on her is available at HPFF), we were oddly stymied by  parade we knew nothing about.  One of the first groups we saw was the Writer’s Union which seemed pretty ironic considering what brought me to New York in the first place.  A float with great music that caused everyone to dance in the street went by followed by several others.



We ducked into Build a Bear to get Unity while the parade continued on outside and, once done, it was still going strong.


Everything was decked out in its patriotic finest for the 10th Anniversary of September 11 and, at every turn, the waving colors of the American flag stopped me still.    It was a constant reminder of why I was here, of what everyone had lost, and what it felt like in those days in the aftermath of 9/11.  A sobering reminder, yes, but a heartening one as well to see what we as a country had overcome together.



A few quick window shopping stops at the NHL store and Art Brown finished out the morning before heading on to Little Italy.



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