NYC: Sightseeing Day 3

Okay, so it wasn’t really sightseeing like most people would define it.  Instead, it was like a ramble around the city just finding random stuff to get into.  Which, frankly, is the best type of vacation in my mind.  Strolling through the streets, we happened upon a fresh air market.  Vendors selling fresh veggies and farm fresh produce (I marveled at the need to ship these things into the city from so far away when looking at the trucks used to set up at the market).  Then, one of the best things ever: a flea market being held at a public school.  Now, I have no idea if this is a regular weekend thing or not but this was super fun. 




It had the general nonsense you’d find at a garage sale (especially inside the building) but there were all kinds of unique finds as well.  Some Greek good vendors, a spice and tea vendor that made the place smell AMAZING and all sorts of classic flea market finds like old cigar boxes, typewriters, jeweled combs and such from the Victorian age.  And, this…




Which, I’m sad to say, I didn’t purchase.  I saw it from paces away and recognizes it immediately – I have two sofa size paintings by the same artist in my family home.  The artist did them for our family many moons ago as a thank you for something (no idea what to tell the truth) and ours focus on the Teton mountain range but his work was spectacular and one of kind.  A bit sad, really, that I talked myself out of getting it.


Continuing the rambling, we ended up at Alice’s Tea Cup, a cute little tea shop with all kinds of nifty trinkets inside.  Grabbed an iced peach tea for the walk and then carried on to Central Park.



Central Park was a bit depressing. I had hoped for a respite from the city because the guidebooks all talk about that.  Maybe I didn’t venture far enough in but I certainly didn’t get a respite from the city.  It was pretty, don’t get me wrong, but not a relaxing trip to a park like back home would have been.  Of course, I think my opinion may have been soiled by the couple having sex on the green.  I have no problem with public sex really but their chosen location right next to the kids area set me off just a bit.  I did get the opportunity to take my shoes and just relax for a little while which was nice but I think maybe I just didn’t venture far enough into the park to get the “ city escape” feeling that I was desperately wanting by that point.  *shrugs*



The plan had been to visit Alice in the park but that didn’t quite work out (another reason not to plan!) and we had to make a made dash back to make our show.




Loved this show.  Laughed my ass off, sang all the lyrics to all the songs and honestly, still am finding little glitter pieces everywhere.  The seats were fantastic – one off the stage) and it was just an all around great time. I can’t remember the last time I’d laughed so hard.


Late afternoon provided some showers that quickly turned into drenching rain. I enjoyed that too, oddly enough.  And more patriotic displays before a quick change of clothes and a trip to Brooklyn.



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