NaNoWriMo Survival Kit

As Selene over at HPFF reminds daily, NaNoWriMo is closing in fast.  I wish I could say I was prepared – had characters mapped, plot points designed, etc – but, I’m not gonna lie.  Only two characters even have names.  I’ve got no romantic lead (not even an inkling) and no bad guy yet. Which is odd because I usually invision the bad guy before anyone else.

So, lacking anything remotely novel related, I figure working on my survival kit is the next best tool of procrastination.  My kit is surprisingly simple really.  Something to write with and on, and some creature comforts.  No dozens of technical gadgets like some or a list of required snacks (although I AM still trying to find decent dark chocolate covered espresso beans but alas I’ve had no luck).

1) Lip Balm: Nivea. Because it’s not slimy, has no weird flavorings and lasts forever

2)My Sailor Pen. Because when writer’s block hits, nothing but pen and paper will do the trick.

3) Netbook.  Especially with NOWD coming, I need a lightweight way to move about when writing

4) mp3. I can’t write without music.

5) Tatty, the blue nose bear. He will get his own blog entry.

6) Fast absorbing hand lotion.  This is the only kind I’ve found that found make little shiny marks on my keyboard

7) Notebooks. I buy these in bulk at school start time when they are like $.10 so I am well stocked

8 ) Ink. Noodler’s Blue Nose Bear to be precise.  No, that’s not a coincidence.

9) Even I can only handle so much coffee and when I need something else hot this is my go to drink.


The keep me warm and toasty requirements: Fuzzy socks and a chocolate colored chenille blanket.

And the things I’d like to have but know I won’t get my shit together and remember to order them in time for the start of NaNo:

And yes, there are two different mugs there. I have a thing for mugs.  But the bright stripey one is cheery and made for tea (note the cute little cover) and the chalk board one is for coffee/hot cocoa/hard cider.  I love the chalk board aspect because I can write crap on it depending on my NaNo mood 😀


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