Night of Writing Dangerously, Take 2

If you missed it, I will be attending the NaNoWriMo Night of Writing Dangerously in San Francisco this year along with 5 other staffers from HPFF.  Usually by the 20th of November, I’ve gone through at least two (sometimes three) plots and somehow managed to pull out the numbers required to finish by the first day validation opens.  My life gets pretty hectic near Thanksgiving and after a failed attempt the first year I tried NaNo, I realized that if I didn’t finish my novel before Thanksgiving hit that there was no way in hell I would ever finish it. 


So, I have decided that this year I should probably set some goals in stone for NOWD.  Not being a planner this will probably screw me right from the beginning but I figure why not try something new? Or, you know, at least procrastinate until November actually begins by pretending to plan.


1) I will dress up. I plan to dress up every Halloween and never manage it.  This year, if I’m going all the way to San Fran for a dress-up evening that I am determined to get my shit together and find a costume.  Audrey Hepburn, I think.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s version, of course.


2) I will NOT finish before San Fran.  The point of the evening is a fundraising write in.  Since the fundraising part is already done (thanks Harry!) I have to have something to do that evening.  My plan is to get close but at least leave myself 1,000 words or so so I’m not sitting there twiddling my thumbs while everyone else is having fun with word wars and such.


3) I will FINISH at NOWD.  No explanation needed really.


4) I will NOT kill myself on the goodie bags.  It’s HPFF so goodie bags are sort of a tradition but with everything else going on in November, unless some else volunteers to help put them together then they won’t be up to the standard norm.  My apologies in advance to those HPFF’ers attending.


5) And the biggie: I will bring copies of my in progress novel for fellow HPFF’ers to read.  That’s right… UNEDITED writing will be made public.  I’m shivering at the thought already but these are people I love and trust and, if I can’t trust them with my story then I can’t ever trust anyone with it.  So, no matter how crappy and cliched it is, I’ll photocopy the first few chapters to share around the table.  At least when the whiskey kicks in and  the writer’s block makes us frown, we’ll have something to laugh at.


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