Ink Review: Private Reserve Orange Crush


This is one of those ink that stays hidden in the back of my ink stash not because there is anything particularly wrong with it but because it is such an intense color that it’s difficult to fit it in to any “normal” use.  A consummate fall color, it would be good for correspondence during that time or at least addressing envelopes I suppose.  But it really is so intense that an entire page written in this color can make your eyes go a bit wonky.


Pen: Lamy Safari

Ink: Private Reserve Orange Crush

Paper: Rhodia Webbie, unlined 90g



Unlike some inks, this ink is pretty easy to photograph.  The color and saturation are accurately depicted in the photo.  The swab sample shows the variations in the color (and it’s pumpkin range) while the finer point nib shows the almost blood orange color that the ink demonstrates when writing.



On the Rhodia, there was surprisingly no bleed through of this ink.  However, it feathered terribly.  Other than Pelikan inks (which I loathe) I’ve never come across another ink that feathers this badly.  Especially on high end paper.  It didn’t flow evenly either, causing uneven writing thickness which ends up being difficult to read. 


Overall, this really is a beautiful color but it’s hard to define a good use for it.  Doodling in journals perhaps or use it as accent color maybe but for general fountain pen use it just doesn’t seem to work well.  A good choice around the fall holidays for things like envelopes, invitations or other small projects where you want just a hint of color without being overwhelmed but will otherwise head back to the back of the ink closet.


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