Android Camera App: Retro Camera

I don’t use my camera phone very often unless I’m just posting a quick pic up on twitter.  There are a ton of photography apps available out there but since I don’t want to do anything fancy with the snapshots, I was looking for something with few options that mainly just added a little bit of fun.  The first one I came across was RetroCamera and I’ve had a ton of fun playing with it. 


RetroCam offers 6 different camera types and allows for black and white on most of them. Just to try them out and compare, I took almost an identical shot with each different lens.



Taken with the pinhole camera


Taken with the Fudgecan


Taken with the Xolaroid


Taken with Little Orange Cam


Taken with the Hipsteroku


Taken with Barbl

As you can see, most just change up the frame of the photo.  However, a few have minor color changes.  The Barbl is the most drastic change and by far my favorite.  A fun thing to note: when you email the picture it is formatted as a postcard and is super cute.  Would be great for sending quick travel snapshots back home. 

RetroCamera is available through the Android Market and is free to download and use.  If I find any others to test out, I’ll post them here with samples photos.


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