NaNoWriMo: -10 days

Well, its 10 days until National Novel Writing Month begins.  People are plotting and planning and having character meltdowns.  Twitterland has gone insane with NaNo’ers and in online writing communities it’s about the only thing you hear about.

My survival kit (discussed in an earlier post) is well on its way to completeness thanks to some generous friends who decided to surprise me with gifts.  Finding something new in the post each day was like Christmas and made me more determined than ever to finish my story by the time November 20th rolls around.  I really hope I don’t let anyone, including myself, down.

It’s taken awhile but I finally do have some characters and a plot idea going.  I wrote a few paragraphs to test the waters and ended up scraping it all, changing the point of view and trying it again.  I whittled out a page and it seemed to flow easy and there seems to be enough seed of a plot to keep me going for 50,000 words so I think I’ve finally decided on my story for this year.  Since I don’t plan my stories, I just hope the ideas for this one stick in my brain long enough for November 1st to roll around.




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