Drowning Gummy Bears

I don’t actually remember where the phrase came from.  Likely too many drunken queue parties but for years now, a running joke amongst senior HPFF staff has been our need to drown gummy bears (ie drink ourselves into oblivion when even the eye bleach won’t clean the queue memories from our brains).  While talking to the site owner, the decision was made that we needed an HPFF cocktail.  You see, NaNo folks have their own that will be served at the Night of Writing Dangerously – the noveltini. 


So, for the sake of the site *cough cough* I spent the better part of an evening mixing and matching to develop an official cocktail for the site.  The one requirement was that it had to contain Southern Comfort, another inside joke amongst the staff.   It made for interesting photography, I’ll tell you that (even you can see the blurs, can’t you? Strong stuff it is).   While the recipe will remain a closely guarded secret for now, here’s a glimpse of some of the ingredients, the process and, of course, exactly how to drown a gummy bear HPFF style.



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