NaNoWriMo 2011: And We’re Off!

I couldn’t possibly blog everyday during normal months so it definitely won’t be happening during National Novel Writing Month but I figured the first day deserved some type of earmark.  Although I live in the Central Time Zone, I have always started and ended NaNo on UK time because it coincides with our site time.  This year will be no exception so after an evening of handing out sugary sweets to local town folks on behalf of my employer, I’ll be tucking in to try and get some evening writing done.


While I have no real plot (I don’t plan my novels) I do have a general idea.  The main character is the son of a character in a previous novel (Ties that Bind) and is heir apparent to the largest and strongest mafia family in the world.  He is sent to San Francisco to solve some issues causing problems in the family (no idea what the issues are yet) and meets up with Serafina Cecconi, the only daughter and youngest child of the west coast don.  We’ll just have to see where it goes *shrugs*




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