NaNoWriMo 2011: Week 1 Recap

Short and sweet because my word count can’t handle all these distractions 😀

The Good:  I’m still writing on the same plot. I haven’t killed all my characters off yet.  That would be bad.

The Bad:  Lack of sleep is getting to me and running low on fresh fruit.  Was running a fever several days this week.  Have decided I hate one of my main characters.  Otherwise, I’m doing pretty good.

The Word Count:  Behind. Of course.  I don’t make my minimum everyday but I never have during any NaNo year.  That’s what weekends are for.  Current word count: 2,281.

The Novel:  One person is dead at the hands of the most innocent of all the characters. A mysterious “saviour” has been sent from Sicily to help solve the family’s problems.  Instant attraction causes grief and a brief history of the VPK empire is explained to combat the rising animosity with the west coast mafia.


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