Impromptu Photography Practice

Taking a break from NaNoWriMo (okay, I haven’t even really gotten started yet but let’s not quibble) to attend my oldest son’s very first martial arts tournament I found myself with some time on my hands.  Like A LOT of time.  What was supposed to run two hours turned into a 7 hour ordeal full of hundreds of people.  It was stressful to say the least.  My son was nervous as heck and my aversion to crowds was making me a basket case.  Thankfully, both Jay and Lorren (my walls from NYC remember?) appeared on twitter to help see me through.  Once they had calmed me down, I decided to use the time to my advantage (read: find anything possible to distract myself) and decided to try working on my detail photography.  I really struggle with this as I just don’t seem to have a photographer’s eye for such things.  I did manage to get a few passable shots, though, and here they are:


I also managed to get just a couple of “artistic” shots in.  The first is my son contemplating life,  and how many bruises he will have once this thing is over as he hummed the KungFu Panda theme song (true story because I asked what he was thinking!).  The second was just a snapshot that I loved…all of the yellow belts were lined up listening to directions from the black belt masters.  I got shots with faces, of course, but it was the one with only the belts that I liked most.



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