Blue Nose Bear: The Bear

The post about Bokeh practice with Tatty may have made more sense if I’d gotten around to posting this entry first.  Or maybe not.


Tatty, for those who don’t know, is a bear put out by CarteBlanche of London.  From what I gather, it’s sort of like the Hallmark of the UK.  I was enamored with a new ink by Noodler’s (about which there will be a post) called Blue Nose Bear.  A friend was out shopping and happened to come across a blue nose bear.  My life is ironic like that…always.  Since I had made such a big deal about the ink all over the internet, he got the bear for me and I became the proud owner of my own blue nose bear.


When I received it, I knew nothing about this bear.  It was just cute and the irony funny so I adored him immediately.  After some internet searching I learned that the bear is actually named Tatty and has a story of his own.  It is a wonderful heartwarming story about a poor teddy being left out in the cold which explains the gray color of his fur and the blue to his nose.  You can listen to the whole story at the CarteBlanche site  HERE


Shortly after receiving my Tatty, I received a travel size Tatty as well.  I tend to carry a stuffed animal with me when I travel (usually Summit who really needs an entry of her own as well) but I like to pack light and the first Tatty was pretty daggum big.  So baby Tatty came to me.


I’ve mentioned before how Gracie pup LOVES stuffed animals. She thinks they all belong to her and, well, it doesn’t bode well for stuffed animals in my house.  It didn’t take her long to find the pint size bear and she immediately went to work.  Thankfully, he was saved before too much damage was done but now my baby Tatty really is a tatty bear.




But it’s really, really hard to stay mad when you see this:



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