Ink Review: Noodler’s/GouletPens Purple Heart


I admit when I first learned of this ink I was smitten.  Anything with a military slant will get my attention and that is was exclusive to my favorite online retailer GouletPens, I knew I just had to get my hands on it.  They ink was released in the shop the same day as some FlexPens were being released and trying to get my order in was crazy.  Their entire site locked up but in characteristic GouletPens great customer service, they let me know right away via twitter that the overload should calm down as soon as the initial pen sales died off.  Thankfully, they did and a few days later I received my order which included the Purple Heart ink.

Now, I’m not an ink connoisseur.  I’m not going to review with drying times and all that jazz.  I just know what I like and what works, and what doesn’t bleed or smear (left hander here) on my papers of choice.  So if you came here for that you might want to visit the Fountain Pen Network instead because I’m sure by now someone has done a fabulous technical review.


Pen: Lamy Safari

Ink: Noodler’s Purple Heart

Paper: G. Lalo Verge de France Ivory, 100g



Taken in natural light outdoors so this is a pretty accurate depiction even after camera and computer coloring changes.  It’s a brilliant, noble purple.  If you can imagine the old purple robes of royal aristocracy then you’ve got the right picture in your head.



Absolutely no feathering or smearing.  It writes smooth and has good, even flow.  There are some thicker lines on this sample due to a new nib on the fountain pen which made it a bit scratchy to write with so those bits are all errors on my part and not from the ink.




No bleed through, even on the color swab.  There is a tiny tiny bit of show but not nearly enough to bother those who like to use both sides of the paper.


Overall, this is a great ink.  It performs superbly with a lesser end pen and acts just as an ink should on paper.  The color really is stunning.  Up until now my favorite purple has been Caran d’Ache Storm but this color is quickly topping it.  The more I write with it, the more I enjoy the color and contrast even on ivory paper.  I’m not sure how long this ink will be around since it is exclusively to Goulet… it may be limited or it may be extended to other stores.  I don’t know the details so I can’t speak to that but if you like purple or have always failed to find one you like, give Purple Heart a try because it’s a wonderful ink for daily writing.


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