NOWD: The Gadget List

In just about a week I’ll be sitting at the airport awaiting my flight to San Francisco to attend the Night of Writing Dangerously write-a-thon with my friends from HPFF.  As a notoriously light packer, this trip has caused me all sorts of consternation.  You see, I really AM a light packer.  Not one of those people who don’t bring stuff and then just sponge off their buddies.  I bring what I need and rarely, if ever, have to borrow or bribe my travel companions for anything.  So when faced with what amounts to moving HPFF to San Francisco for the weekend, plus my own writing gear, plus my personal packing my whole world got turned upside down.  I’m actually going to have to check a bag *crosses fingers its ONLY one*

Usually where gadgets are concerned I have my Kindle, my cell phone and my mp3 (because I’m too lazy to remember I should move them to my phone until like an hour before the flight leaves).  All my writing is done in a journal and if it’s a website that I can’t reach on my phone then it’s a website I don’t really need on my trip.  (Note to self: if HPFF goes mobile you will never escape so think twice on this much requested update)

The list keeps growing as people remind me of crap I will need but at least today, here’s the list:

There’s no Kindle in the group (obviously) because I’ll actually be carrying two of the new Kindle Fires to San Fran and since they aren’t even scheduled to arrive until the day before I leave I can’t very well include them.  So, just add a few more inches on the pile and the charges for everything and you get a glimpse of my electronic overload.

Maybe we should’ve gone backpacking instead.


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