San Francisco: Vesuvio

I think Shanon and I may have whimpered a bit when we were dragged past the City Lights bookstore and not allowed to go in.  We just kept staring at the windows as the group pulled on ahead of us.  Once we finally made it across the street to the bar, it was like stepping onto a whole different planet.  And not a pleasant planet at that.  We made our own fun, don’t get me wrong, but this bar had the most god awful service ever and the drinks were just nasty.  A haunt of beatnik writers, it seemed a suitable place for us writer type folks to visit.  And the bar itself was neat – great décor, cozy, a bit rowdy, and from our window view you looked down upon an alleyway filled with writer-ish quotes. 



Meg and Jay headed to the bar to grab everyone drinks while the rest of us tried to find a table.  Up the steep and narrow stairs (can’t be easy for drunks) we finally found an empty table and a table of people about to leave.    We immediately claimed them and started moving the tables together.  A waitress (let’s call her Snotty, shall we?) comes and tells us she needs to be the one to the move the tables because this is her area.  So we take a step back…and she does nothing but disappear. 


When Meg and Jay arrive with drinks she still hasn’t appeared so we move the things ourselves.  Snotty suddenly appears and tells us next time we need to order from her because this is her area so we need to let her take care of things instead of going to the bar ourselves.  Mmmmk.



Chatty and fun times (and stories that will not be repeated) ensue until Meg and I both notice that our drinks are untouched.  We had both ordered absinthe which in the real world is a fabulous drink.  Slightly sweet with only a hint of licorice taste.  What we had gotten instead was a muddled mix of water with licorice flavoring.  It was horrendous.  Meg flags down Snotty and tells her this is unacceptable and Snooty responds with a “what do you want me to do about it?”  Which instantly causes everyone at the table to sit up straighter and Meg to explain that SHE is the one who insisted we go through her instead of just heading to the bar so we were doing what was asked. “Fix it.”


Meg can be exceptionally convincing and Snotty tottered off.  We ordered margaritas (can you really screw that up?) which eventually were delivered to our table.

taken by Shanon

And yes, they sucked.  Watered down margarita mix.  So disappointing.  After the others finished their drinks, we finally decided enough was enough and left.  We did a quick stroll through the quotable alley before calling it a night.


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