Holidays at the Library

Indoor decorating at the library is finally complete! It took days to get everything setup since we have to work around whatever else is going on in the library.  We actually have 4 trees in the library, two full size trees (one upstairs and one down) and then two desktop trees in the children’s section.


The downstairs tree is snowman themed and has crafts made by library children through the last couple of decades.  There are little paper towel snowmen, snowman faces and little saran wrap snowballs.





The two small trees which we place over the children’s book shelves are both decorated with classic little golden books and a few store bought balls and bows for color.



The upstairs tree is the more formal tree and has ceramic book  ornaments, some little golden books for good measure and, of course, lots of twinkling white lights and ornaments.


And, because I was determined to add my own touch to the decorating I got a santa pack truck stuck in a snowdrift under one of the trees:


We do have a few others holiday things scattered throughout the library just to add some festive cheer.  All our stuffed animals are now adorned with Santa hats, little snowmen are propped on all the shelves and our display cabinet was decorated by a community member with a ton of vintage Rudolph memorabilia (photo of display case by Sullivan Photography)



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