I fail at New Year’s resolutions every year. Never prevents me from making them but I still know the likelihood of completed them is next to nil.  Planning never ever works for me and I’ve learned to accept that.  Still, true to form, here’s my list of things I most likely won’t accomplish this year:


Writing: I will write  a short story.  I will dammit!


Physical: I will be able to do 20 normal (not girly) pushups.  Been trying this one for years.  And I’ll keep trying because one day I may accomplish it.


Photography:  I tried the photo a day thing and yeah, that was way too ambitious.  This year I’m going for a photo a week.  Much more manageable I think.


Reading:  Hm, much harder.  I read all the time so I’m not sure what a legitimate resolution would be.  Read some local authors maybe.


Travel: Visit 20 places I’ve never been.  I traveled quite a bit last year but it was almost exclusively to spots I’d already been to before.  It’s time to broaden my horizons…whether that just be a town right up the road or further afield.


Emotional: Take better of care of myself AND realize and accept that its okay to sometimes let other people take care of me because they love me.


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