12 in 2012

Making its way through the blogsphere is this “12 in 2012” idea. Unlike resolutions which are, frankly, nondescript and easy to wiggle out of of, these are 12 things you want to do in the year 2012.  Not generic mess like “lose weight” or even things with negative connotations.  Instead, these are things that you actually WANT to do and are making a commitment to do during the new year.  So, here’s my list of 12 in 2012.


1) Go on a cruise

2) Do a perfect smoky eye

3) Go on a rock climbing weekend clinic

4) Make homemade cheese

5) Have an overnight stay at Turpentine Creek

6) Learn to play a song I actually like on keyboard

7) Grow a terrarium

8) Make fish tacos

9) Section hike the OHT

10) Learn a new dance

11) Go on an overnight float trip

12) Keep a fishy alive for more than 6 weeks


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