NOLA: Day 2

After grabbing some coffee and pastries at the hotel, it was time for more substantial food.  Okay, not really but it was definitely time for Café du Monde.  Kicking back and relaxing amongst the crowds it was nice to just sit and people watch for awhile.  I spent a little while walking around the Square and down through the French Market before it was time to head to the “fancier” side of town….brunch at Commander’s Palace.


Brunch was the wonderful experience you’d expect from Commander’s.  As the first seating of the day, we were welcomed by all of the staff and given little bells to celebrate the holiday season.  It was a sweet memento of the visit to take home.  Turtle soup, roasted quail and bread pudding soufflé (standard specialties of the house) were followed by a production of Café Brulot which had every diner in the place staring at our table. 

Feeling quite full and content, it was time to walk off some calories.  Magazine Street and its famous shopping district was just a few blocks away so I headed that direction.  I’m not a big shopper by any means but it was fun looking at all the things people had for sale.  Both artsy, quirky things and high end merchandise could be found in every shop.  The mermen made me think of Meg and the chocolate store made me think of just about everyone! 


After a short rest in the hotel, I headed to taken in a concert at Saint Louis Cathedral.  There were more locals than tourists at the event which surprised me.  It wasn’t my type of music and I found it a little odd to be hearing someone singing about Santa Claus in a Catholic Church but, eh, it was an experience I suppose.



Now starving, I went to find a quick dive-y place for some dinner. I had hoped for some of Fiorella’s famous fried chicken but, on arrival, was told they had sold out of almost everything over the weekend.  Red beans and rice and salads it was.  After a quiet meal, I headed to Frenchman Street for some evening entertainment (much more my speed than Bourbon) and got sidetracked quickly at the Balcony Music Club (BMC).  A band called Lil Red and Big Bad were playing and this lady had the most spectacular voice I’ve heard in ages. She stopped by the table a couple of times during her singing and just made me laugh out loud from the lyrics and facial expressions she had.  It was a Monday night so it was pretty quiet but her voice carried out into the street and made everyone stop to take a listen.   I ended up spending the evening here until she left and some really bad people followed her act.  So glad I was able to catch her playing, it was a wonderful end to the day.


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