NOLA: Day 3 (sort of)


Not sure what was going on in my head this day but I am severely lacking in photos.  I guess I was just too busy wandering around to take any.  Breakfast was a quick bite at the hotel and then wandering through the shops around the Quarter.  I had the worst service EVER at Margaritaville for lunch.  It was worse than the uppity place in San Fran back in November.  The waitress completely ignored everything and I ended up having to go to the host to get service.  He was suddenly my best friend and brought every order out, filled glasses, and was just the only thing worth going to that place for.  Ended up walking a tip to him because I figured the damn waitress would steal it.  Bad, bad mojo.


The afternoon was spent walking through the French Market. I was so intent on looking at the knick knacks (and junk) that I only snapped one photo.  But what a prize it was.  This, ladies and gents, is frozen cheesecake on a stick.  I wasn’t even hungry but when I saw the ad for this I HAD to have one.  And it was divine.  Divine I tell you. 



After strolling around for the afternoon, the weather had gotten pretty chilly and I went back to the hotel to warm up before the big event of the evening:  Celebration in the Oaks at City Park.


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