NOLA: Day 4

My final day in the city was a bit of a harried affair.  I intended on a last stop at Café du Monde but it was packed.  Even the take away line wrapped around the place.  I love them but not enough to stand in the cold that early in the morning.  I ended up skipping breakfast and going on a search for one of my favorite perfumes.  It’s only made in this one little shop which, apparently, moves around every few years.  It took some doing but finally located it and came out with a warming scent of Creole Days all over me. 


That errand done and a few bits of souvenir shopping done, it was time to head to the airport.  Of course, things never go as planned and the flight was delayed.  Like CRAZY delayed.  As in, hours upon hours of sitting at the airport.  So much so that Southwest brought out a Santa Claus to help keep customers calm and appease the little ones.


It ended up being a case where they had to hold the plane in Dallas because it was the last flight of the night to Little Rock.  To say the least, the crew and passengers on that flight were not exactly thrilled to be stuck sitting there waiting for so long.  Not that I blame them but it wasn’t my fault the other flight was late so, you know, give a gal a break  *pouts*


Pitch black dark for what was supposed to be an afternoon flight but I finally made it back safely to Little Rock to begin the almost two hour drive home.



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