Turpentine Creek Sanctuary: The Drive


It took some doing to get the kids up and moving on a Saturday morning- at least until they remembered WHY they had to get up.  Once they remembered it was “big kitty” day they were unstoppable. They were too excited to even slow down for breakfast so it was just some hot drinks before we finally hit the road.  The first half of the journey was an interstate that we frequently travel and the boys dozed on and off until we made a pit stop for Starbucks.  When they caught sight of this sign, they teased me incessantly about making a wrong turn:


We finally got off the highway and headed into the mountains.  My kids are more comfortable in the woods than anywhere and this trip proved no different.  While they had ignored all interstate attractions, they became animated monkeys on the back roads, making me stop for photos and pointing out every animal and waterfall they saw (of which there are tons in this area).


The road was crazy curvy and heavily forested.  Since it was winter the trees were bare but the kids kept talking about how spooky the place would be during summer…all dark and cavernous because of the way the trees branches over the road and meet in the middle.



We were starving at this point but it took awhile to find anywhere to stop.  There is just nothing on this road and we regularly praised ourselves for having the forethought to get gas before leaving the main highway (it was a long trip and no radio signal…boredom caused some bizarre conversations).  We finally found a busy little place called Granny’s Kitchen.  It had your standard eclectic décor and diner food.  It also had made to order fried pies and I couldn’t resist when I saw the hard to find apricot pie on the menu.  I shared one with my youngest since neither of us are big on sweets and it was as golden and flaky as any handmade pie should be.


Some more curvy curvy roads with hairpin turns, another gasoline stop and we finally arrived.


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