Turpentine Creek: Feeding Time


While we had been getting educated on the refuge, D had been behind the scenes getting ready for feeding time.  When he rejoined us, he was full of all sorts of information about where the food comes from (it’s donated from two main companies), how it’s prepared (hacked into portions with axes), and how much each animal is given (there’s a chart).  He learned about how supplements are given, what vitamins are given to what animals, and how they manage to keep all that food fresh (in winter, they go through over 1,000 pounds of food a day).  He came back with tons of photos and so many facts and figures that it made my head spin….he was definitely getting a great introduction to what he hopes will be his future career.

The Commissary


Feeding time is once a day at the refuge and it brings in tourists in droves.  The wind was still frigid but no one seemed to care as we followed the workers around watching dinner time come to the animals.  D was so proud knowing he’d been a part of making this meal for them.



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