Eureka Springs: A quick Pitstop


Knowing we would be starving if we headed south as we left Turpentine Creek, we decided to take a detour to Eureka Springs which is the nearest large town.  Although it’s known as a quaint Victorian town for romantic couples, we side stepped all that and went to the older, artsy part of town.  We rambled the streets laughing at the odd statues (humpty dumpty anyone?), weird metal sculptures that were placed at random along the streets and odd signs that popped up on each block.  The stores were all closed for the season still but it was fun to look in the windows anyway.  We stumbled into an Indian restaurant with a live band playing and had to wait to be seated – the tiny place was crazy packed.  As we waited on our food to arrive, the owner stopped by to chat and, as it turned out, his was from my hometown and our families knew each other.  Wonderful food served and consumed, we grabbed a to-die for creamy chai tea and then began the long journey back home.





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