Photo Recap of the Week

Having been sidelined by some health issues over the past two weeks or so, I haven’t much time or energy for blogging.  Rather than bore anyone with details I thought I’d just post up some of the few photos I managed to take during my time away.


The “Street Pharm” as my sons have dubbed it:


Flowers sent to brighten my day (bad lighting on the photo, my apologies).  I was also sent a dozen get well cards and an amazing get well basket but my kids dug into it before I could grab a photo.


Summit, last seen viewing wildlife at Turpentine Creek, is a much loved hippo.  She received two new outfits from admirers for Valentine’s Day.  Either that or they thought her ragged jammies needed replacing!


We had our first and most likely only snow day of the year.  There wasn’t enough to do anything except make a slushy mess really even though it snowed for almost 24 hours straight.  Instead we ended up with a river of ice (and lots of accidents) near our house.


I don’t do well just sitting at home.  I get bored and cranky and mischievous.  Poor Gracie was the recipient this time and patiently waited while I painted her paws watermelon pink.  I felt bad later and tried to remove it but she refused to have anything to do with the stinky polish remover.


Both my kids have project after project this semester and this one was one of the most fun.  He did a collage on Elie Wiesel’s Night focusing on the death of humanity in the story.


He also found time to compose a new drawing and clearly this child is thinking deep thoughts these days. (Black marks are me obscuring identifying information, not part of the drawing itself)


Last but not least, I received another shipment of books for review and rating but those will get a post all their own.


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