Batter Up!



After taking in the St Louis Cardinals Exhibit I went to spend the day with my big brother.  Having told him about the exhibit, we started reminiscing as us old folks will do and chatting about playing ball in the fields, the games we remember most and, of course, the echoing sound of a ball hitting off a bat.  It’s a sound that can’t be imitated, whether being hit with a ping bat or an old fashioned Louisville Slugger.  Spur of the moment we decided to head to the batting cages which, oddly, are a bit hard to find in  this part of Arkansas.  With slightly overcast skies and 80 degree weather, we headed out to the cages at Burns Park in the shadows of the capitol to get some swings in.  And boy were we out of practice.  Or maybe the machines were off.  Yes, let’s blame it on that!  Poor Gracie was exhausted by all the ball chasing and we had to take her for a dip in the nearby river to cool off and get some fresh water.








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