Play Ball! Take 1

Last night I had the chance to go to opening night for the Arkansas Travelers.  Although I’ve been to the park several times, this was my first night game at Dickey Stephens Park and my first time to opening night.  I hadn’t quite expected the crowd that was there (there was almost 7,000 people in attendance!) but it was so much fun and the boys are already begging to go again.  I took a TON of photos so this is a very image heavy post, more of a photo journal than an actual narrative post.  Due to the number of photos I’ll be posting this in two separate entries.

Arriving at the ballpark and taking the obligatory photo ops:

Time to find some food:

We got there early enough to watch them getting the field ready for the game and you can check out the entire process below.  Grooming the field, watering the field, chalking the baselines and the batter box. (I just love the guys confused look when they can’t get the spray can to function correctly)

I admit I’d never even heard of the opposing team, the Midland Rockhounds.  Texas based, I’m imagining but there could be another Midland somewhere I suppose.  After getting the diamond ready it was time to let the players on the field. Hounds headed to their dugout first and then the Travs came out for warmups and stretching.

Meanwhile, in the stands, mascot Shelly had come over for a visit:

Finally, it was time to get down to business and the Rockhounds lineup was announced followed, of course, by our hometown 2012 Travelers.


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