Play Ball! Take 2

With teams having been announced and standing on the lines, it was time for the national anthem.  Except for a lady in front of us who couldn’t stop stuffing her face with a corndog for 4 minutes, I love the quiet respect that falls over a ballpark at this time. The teams holding their hats, flag waving in the wind, it’s just all so warm and fuzzy patriotic.

The meeting and swapping of lineups took place at home plate while the poor neglected pitcher’s mound sat waiting for attention.

Finally time to take their places on the field!!  Look at the tiny bat cute is he?

There were two ceremonial first pitches for the season.  No, I do not know how you can have two first pitches but whatever floats their boat.  The first was done by some NFL hall of famer that made people excited but I had no idea who he was.  He smiled a lot and was funny though.  The other was by a local kid who is on the top picks in the NFL draft this year.  And, no, I have no idea why we have football players showcased at a baseball game either.

Now it was time for the real first pitch and the game begins! Can you tell by the look on the batter’s face that it went right past him? Tee hee, I love this camera for capturing moments just like that.

It took ages but several innings in, the Travs finally made it on base. In our defense, the other team wasn’t doing any better and kept trying to steal bases but got caught every time.

Minor league games have breaks for audience participation things such as games hosted by game sponsors.  One crowd favorite is when a kid is chosen to race Shelly around the bases.  Poor Shelly always seems to lose but the crowd loves the challenge. While Shelly did her thing, it was also snack time for us.

Rain had moved in and a slow mist started falling on us.  It didn’t last long and actually thinned out the crowd some as they either left or ran for cover.  By this time, the game was getting pretty heated.  The Travs had the only run of the entire game and with all the base stealing attempts things were getting tense on the field which, of course, caused the crowd to get more and more animated.

And…the Travs win their home opener!!  Way to go Travs!!  Wahoo!!


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