Fishy, fishy…Escargot??

One of my 12 in 2012 goals was to keep a fish alive for at least 6 weeks.  Having failed at this many times over the years I was determined to do it right this time.  Back in January I got a desk sized aquarium and started the whole “biological filtration” process.  The book was full of technical jargon I didn’t understand but I followed the directions anyway.  It sat there, bubbling away with its little filter for 8 weeks just like the book instructed. 


When it came time to go get my fishy, the pet store folks told me I needed to add something to it before adding the fish I wanted to live.  A sacrificial lamb, so to speak.  My son, the future vet, gave a long lecture to the pet store worker about the murderous nature of his mother with regards to fishies and how the “starter” fish was destined for certain death and how this was not ethically sound.  So, instead, it was decided we would get a snail.  Apparently, my son has no qualms about me accidentally killing a snail because “in some cultures they are food, mom.”  But one snail would be lonely, the pet master said, so we ended up with two snails.


There is a little tiny bluish-gray one who has been named Escar and a big fat gold one named “Go.”  Go is lazy, by the way, and never does anything while Escar is always on the move around the tank.  Well, now that they have lived through the crucial “mom kills all things in a tank” phase I can officially introduce them to the you. 






Maybe one day I will actually get a fish in there as well.  Until then, they are just happily munching along on their salad.


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