Toad Suck Daze: Stuck on a Truck

After our break, it was time to check in on the Stuck on a Truck contest.  The idea behind this is simple: a group of people are lined up at the truck with at least one hand touching and whoever stays there the longest wins the truck.  The tricky part is you only get a 5 minute break once an hour, you can’t sit, kneel, or lean on the truck AND last year’s event went almost 7 days.  Yep, standing up with no sleep and barely time to eat for 7 days.  By the time we arrived, it had already been going for over 72 hours and the group had dwindled significantly.

The starting photo (courtesy of Centennial Bank):

The wall of shame/exhaustion:

And the field once we arrived:


Feeling sufficiently bad for the exhausted contestants, we only thought it appropriate to go find food on their behalf.  We wandered through the myriad of choices: lamb and beef gyros,crawfish, fried everything, giant turkey legs, and a million different things served on a stick.

It took awhile for the boys to settle on what they wanted but they finally decided on alligator on a stick and a giant pile of twisty taters.  I, of course, ran around in circles until I finally found the chocolate dipped cheesecake (on a stick).

Now fortified it was off to the races!!


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