Toad Suck Daze: The Midway

Like any small town or county fair, there was a myriad of things to waste your time and money on at the midway.  We walked the entire loop twice taking everything in before the kids settle in and decided what rides to try.  Most of the rides were for little kids and there were only two rides that really appealed to them.

There was a lot of “spin the wheel” type marketing campaigns from local businesses where you could win drink koozies, backpacks and little trinkets like keychains and pens.  Of course, the kids had to stop and do them all.  They stumbled upon a face painting booth and D got a baseball in Travs colors (“What color are the Travs?” the lady asked.  “You should be ashamed,” my son replied with a sad shake of his head).  Weirdly, at the end of the midway was the bomb squad unit.

The kids only played two games: flip the frog and a water gun race.  They won some beads and another trinket but gave me the big prize of the day: my very own stuffed frog to remember the day.

From the midway we headed to the arts and crafts area.  It was full of the standard street festival items: clothes, wooden signs engraved while you wait, homemade dips, kettlecorn, and the like.  We did come across these nifty wooden frogs which are like miniature instruments based on an African tribal design.

The absolute best thing we found, though, were these amazing jelly fish.  They are real jellyfish encased in glass.  There were various types from all over the world and many of them glow in the dark.  They were really proud of these (read insanely overpriced) but they were almost too cool to pass up.

After walking for a few hours it was finally time to take a break.  It had already hit over 90 degrees and we were melting in the heat.  We found a tiny shade tree to climb under and sat and listened to a gospel group perform while we caught our breaths.


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