RoadTrip: Bentonville, AR

Known the world over as the home of Walmart, Bentonville, Arkansas isn’t exactly a tourist mecca.  It’s nearest neighbor, Fayetteville, is known for being home of the Arkansas Razorbacks but it too only draws a certain type of visitor.  Recently, I had the opportunity to take a road trip through both towns but more interesting was some of the most scenic driving I’ve ever seen in the US.


We started out going through towns we previously visited like London (home of….we’re not sure) and Alma (home of the Arkansas Wine Trail) and then turned off up into the mountains all while singing “You are My Sunshine” over and over…and over. With hills, bluffs and trees for miles in every direction, there was a stunning view through every window.


The boys got crazy excited when we came around one bend and found ourselves face to face with a mountain that had been tunneled out for passage.


We’d been driving for several hours by now and decided it was time for a food stop.  We tried to find a place called “Buck Nekkid BBQ” which we had been seeing billboards for but google maps failed us and we ended up at a Dairy Queen instead.


D ordered a confetti blizzard for dessert and made sure to test it’s anti-gravity properties before digging in.

After fueling up at the fabulously named gas station, we continued on.


Finally, we’d reached our destination!  The Bentonville Public Library: home of the altered book workshop.


By the way, this library has a dinosaur in it!!  I was bouncing I was so excited over this find!!

Next up: The Altered Book Workshop which was tons of fun and may be a new addiction in our household.


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