NYC 2012: Day 4 Afternoon

After leaving TSNY, I was on an adrenaline high.  Deciding to try and walk it off, I strolled along Hudson Park onmy way back to the hotel.  The day had turned out gorgeous and kayaks in a rainbow of colors dotted the river, an occasional sailboat appearing to punctuate the skyline.  While digging in my purse for something, I happened to glance up as I almost ran into someone…only to find myself face to face with Victor Garber.


I opened my mouth too stunned to speak and then my common sense finally returned.  He was just a person out on a fitness walk and the last thing he wanted was some fangirl fawning over him.  So I closed my gaping mouth and allowed him to walk by sans mugging.  But it did take considerable willpower!

I continued on and got a view of the USS Intrepid.  I had intended on visiting it during the week to see the shuttle but the opening had been delayed so I hadn’t bothered.  When I ambled by, it was still closed off completely.

After a quick stop at the hotel, I headed back to 9th Street to find food.  The morning adventurous had made me ravenous and I settled into a deserted place called Uncle Marios.  A lemonade and spinach slice later, I was fueled up for an afternoon tour of Hell’s Kitchen.

Although I’m not a fan of organized tours, this one was too enticing to pass up.  It was a history tour of the Irish mob in HK and I loved every minute of it.  It was almost a pub crawl since most of the places were bars and restaurants.  Before my trip I had read The Westies which the tour was pretty much based on.  It made the guide a bit nervous when I could answer things so easily but he was good natured about it.  We ended at a place called Mr. Bigg’s bar where I enjoyed a glass of icy cold draft cider.



Checking the clock behind the bar (where many a mobster feud was had!) I realized it was time to hustle over to the Port Authority Bus Terminal for my next adventure.  I mentioned where I was headed to the tour guide and he launched into a frightening lecture about the dangers of the terminal.  He even went so far as to tell me which entrances and exits to the terminal were the safest and which direction to approach it from.  Overwhelmed, I thanked him and just decided to brave the closest entrance and whatever happened happened.  Atlantic City here I come…


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