NYC 2012: Day 4 Afternoon

After leaving TSNY, I was on an adrenaline high.  Deciding to try and walk it off, I strolled along Hudson Park onmy way back to the hotel.  The day had turned out gorgeous and kayaks in a rainbow of colors dotted the river, an occasional sailboat appearing to punctuate the skyline.  While digging in my purse for something, I happened to glance up as I almost ran into someone…only to find myself face to face with Victor Garber. Continue reading


Hells Kitchen: Night One


Thank God I have a sense of humor about myself because I needed it to make it through Newark airport.  Already out of sorts from our swift plane exodus and the unforgiveable need to retrieved a checked bag, I was pretty skittish hanging out around the baggage carousel.  It didn’t help when I got accosted by a guy rushing past me and purposefully grabbing my arse.  He was quick, though, and by the time my shock wore off and I whirled to deck him, he had already moved on.  Welcome to Newark, indeed. Continue reading